Things to do with an open fire: Roast Cheese

Cheese roaster by Moore Designs

The perfect way to eat Camembert?

The French love cheeses such as camembert and brie to be dripping on the plate, but I find by the time it has got to this state the taste has more to do with ammonia than fromage.

However I do like it melted, cheese on toast (or croque monsieur if we stay with the French theme), tuna melts, quattro stagioni pizzas. Hmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Moore Designs has come up with the perfect compromise, a camembert cheese roaster for an open fire. Take the cheese out of its wrapping, pop it back in the wooden box (Yes – you know the brand I mean), place it in Moore’s metal roaster into the embers of the fire and wait. As they say, “once it’s bubbling dip in with some crunchy bread and enjoy with a hearty wine. It’s divine.” Sounds it too.

Hand made in the Sussex forge, I reckon it would make the perfect christmas present for anyone with an open fire.