Why Should You Repair Your Damaged Roof?

Some damages, once done, can be extremely costly to fix. Once your roof is damaged, you need to contact a local roofer and repair it before further damage occurs. In Arizona, the extreme heat and heavy monsoon rains can severely damage the surface of a roof. The longer you wait, the more damage that can be done. If you wait too long, you may eventually end up needing to replace the roof.

Roof Repair arizona

A roofing company or a roofing contractor can tell you how much of the roof needs to be repaired and the costs associated with it. Hopefully, if you fix it in time, the damage will be minimal, and so will the cost of repair. 

Here are some things to look for when inspecting your roof for repair.

How do I know my roof needs repair?

The following is a list of things that might indicate your roof needs repair. If you notice any of these with your roof, contact a roofing specialist immediately. 

  • Your shingles are aging/wearing off
  • Ice melt results in interior watermarks
  • Mold growing on shingles
  • Wear and tear due to storms and monsoons
  • Roof trusses sagging
  • Deteriorating paint
  • Water stains, leakage and increased moisture inside
  • If outdoor lighting starts peaking through your attic 
  • Increased energy bills indicating a roofing and insulation problem 

If these factors are present, your roof needs repair, but the question remains, why repair? Here are your answers:

1. Postponement can cause more damage:

The more you wait, the more damage that can be done, and this could require additional repair. So, it’s better not to delay.

2. Saves money:

A repair will cost less than a full roof replacement, and the earlier you fix it, the cheaper it will be.

3. Waiting long term can cause severe damage:

If you leave the damage as it is, it can penetrate your attic and ceiling, ruining sheetrock and warping wood finish. So, it not only causes damage to the roof but the interior of the house as well. If you try repairing your roof with minor patching, the results will be temporary and will need to be properly repaired down the road. 

4. Insurance:

Your insurance costs increase if you wait around on roof repairs because they can tell if you have delayed on needed repairs.

5.Weather factor:

Weather can cause more damage to your roof if it needs repair. So if you experienced roof damage during monsoon season, you would want to repair it before the next monsoon season.

6.Improving your property value:

Doing necessary repairs enhances the property value when selling your home and is good for your property improvement.

7. Roof Repair makes roof replacement easier:

If you have done the needed repairs to maintain the durability of your roof, it makes replacement easier and cheaper. Neglecting roof repairs can cause damage far beyond the surface and makes replacement much harder and more expensive.

8. Roof Repair keeps your home beautiful:

A poorly maintained roof looks shabby, and tones down the beauty of a house, similarly a well-repaired roof makes a beautiful home, and who doesn’t like living in a beautiful home?

So, if you have been thinking about roof repair, it is time to contact a roofing company and get it done. The longer you wait, the more it will cost.

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Oklahoma City

old buildings downtown okc

There are some really cool historic properties in Oklahoma City, properties that I would consider Period Homes, and Period Commercial Estates. There is something nostalgic about the old brick buildings in Bricktown and investing in them could turn out to be a gold mine.

Commercial real estate in Oklahoma City is everywhere, from apartments, industrial property, hotels, offices, and much more. Based on historical trends, investing in these avenues is a great way to gain assets. Unlike stocks, investing in commercial OKC real estate provides stable cash flow in the form of rental income streams. It is a top-rated investment source for investors, providing a safe and secure way to earn significant returns. Even with this attractive feature in mind, investing here holds a variety of benefits that are worth noting.

Security Advantage

Investing in Oklahoma City real estate is one of the limited areas that is a hard asset that has meaningful inherent value. Both the property and the building structure contain monetary worth. When you decide on the location you want to invest in, you can be confident in knowing that you own an asset that has the ability to generate income, regardless of what happens to the tenants currently living there. Because of this, your investment does not change or fluctuate at the same pace as the stock market.

Regular Stream of Income

If you want a constant and predictable stream of income, commercial properties offer this feature by utilizing leases. Generally, the majority of commercial properties lease at higher rates than residential ones.  This ensures that the tenants are around for a more extended period of time and has few vacancies. In turn, your income will arrive and will likely be higher than the stock yields. There are some pretty cool co-working spaces around OKC including The Vault in Edmond that is a really cool old bank that was converted into a work space.

Tax Benefits

Real estate is the minority when it comes to offering tax benefits. Not many places give that opportunity for investors. The two most considerable benefits include the deduction of mortgage interest and depreciation deduction. Both are great to lower your tax bill and assist with offsetting your income stream.

Profit Potential

One of the mains reason people invest in Oklahoma City real estate is to gain profits. Commercial real estate is one of the most exceptional options to choose from on the market due to growing demand.  This allows investors to see their capital increase at a much faster rate than other investing areas, especially for long term investing. In addition, commercial real estate tends to appreciate much faster than other common investment avenues. You can hire a property manager in OKC to lease space to tenants and manage the day to day needs of the work space.

okc investment property

Ownership Pride

Not every benefit has to be based merely on the money. Though this is having nothing to do with profits, knowing that you own something you are proud of can bring immense personal satisfaction. It can be a great feeling knowing that you own something that has value and meaning in the community. Being able to watch your OKC property grow and evolve in society is something that investors describe as a feeling like no other. With that pride of ownership comes regular maintenance, landscaping, and pest control in and around the building.


Investing in commercial real estate around Oklahoma City has provided tons of people with attractive risk-adjusted returns and income diversification. Since it is a hard asset, it will always have intrinsic value, and generally, the value appreciates over time.  If you are looking to invest in some property, understand that it can open the doors for incredible income and equity potential.