Sash Window Screen Keeps Rooms Bug Free

Sash window screen from Portascreen

Sash window screen from Portascreen that keeps out more than just bugs

This sash window screen from PortaScreen offers an incredible easy solution to keep flies and other insects from entering the home during warmer weather.

Made from sturdy mesh that is framed in aluminium and wood, PortaScreen requires no fixing and is ready to go straight out of the box.

Simply lift the window to the required height and slot the sash window screen into the open space, sliding the window back down to the top of the screen. PortaScreen slides open sideways to fit most sash windows, instantly providing a cost-effective way to keep insects out and still enjoy a cool breeze on hot days.

Available in two different heights and widths, PortaScreen says that whilst it’s not built using fine mosquito net, the sash window screen does tend to keep out smaller insects too and many of its customers report that they use for keeping small animals both in and out of the house during summertime.